Non, starring in "Sakana no Ko," has been honored with the NIKOLA STOJANOVIC LEGACY AWARD at the Japan-Serbia Film Festival. Congratulations!


At the Japan-Serbia Film Festival held in Serbia from November 8th to 12th, Non, starring in 'Sakana no Ko,' received the NIKOLA STOJANOVIC LEGACY AWARD.

The NIKOLA STOJANOVIC LEGACY AWARD is positioned as a special jury prize and is dedicated to the memory of Nikola Stojanovic, the founding member of the film festival and the inaugural jury. This award recognizes films for their uniqueness and their significant role in cultural exchange and mutual understanding.

Here is a comment from the jury president, Director Peter Webber ('The Girl with the Pearl Earring,' 'Hannibal Rising,' 'Emperor'):

"A zany family film that is both very funny, inventive and deeply heartwarming. Its stylistic and narrative inventiveness remakes the genre of the children’s movie with style and humour."

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