Today, on November 17th (Friday), the audio version of Kanae Minato's work, "Mirai," narrated by Non, is available for streaming on Amazon Audible!



Non's narration of "Mirai," a work by Kanae Minato published by Futabasha, is now available for streaming on Amazon Audible, the world's largest audiobook and audio content production/distribution service.

"The Future" Audible distribution page:

This work represents the culmination of Minato's world, and it was published in 2021, marking the 10th anniversary since her debut with "Confessions."

I learned that for the 10th anniversary of Minato-sensei's career, she wrote an afterword for the first time. When I read that afterword, I felt such a strong determination to fulfill the mission of conveying this work. I wanted many people to be aware of the issues and hopes within the story. Even for those who have already read it, I felt the need to ensure that this narration becomes something special.

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■Special interview with NONON and Ms. Kanae Minato on CREA web!

Please check out this special conversation between these two first-timers as they talk about their impressions of each other and their work on Audible.

first part:
latter part:


And there's more! On November 19th (Sunday), J-WAVE's "TOPPAN INNOVATION WORLD ERA" will welcome Kanae Minato as a special guest!

This "talk session" features innovators from various genres, extracting seeds of innovation from their dialogues. This time, we'll have the renowned novelist, Kanae Minato, known for creating numerous hit works such as "Confessions" and "The Devotion of Suspect X." The session will delve into Minato's unique worldview and explore the potential of audio content in expanding that perspective. Stay tuned for this exciting conversation!


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