Announcement | On December 14th (Thursday), NHK General will broadcast a nationwide rerun of "Kansai Nessesary" - a special program featuring Non's exhilarating musical journey throughout the summer of 2023.



n August 2023, the NHK program "Kansai Nessesary," originally broadcast in the Kansai region, is set for a nationwide rerun on December 14th.

This special feature, covered by NHK "Kansai Nessesary," captures the summer sprint alongside Non's 2nd album "PURSUE." Explore the "PURSUE TOUR - The Strongest Ever!!!" performance at Umeda Club Quattro, the emotions embedded in the new song "Standing in the Wilderness," and interviews shedding light on Non's pursuits in the world of acting.

Don't miss out on an in-depth look into Non's diverse activities. Be sure to tune in!


Program Title: "Kansai Nessesary"

Non, who became a national heroine through "Amachan," hails from Kakogawa in Hyogo Prefecture. Currently, she is focusing her energy on musical pursuits, with the roots of this passion traced back to a significant local experience. This summer, she shares the emotions embedded in her new song.

"There's a strong sense of having stood up resiliently." Looking back on the past decade, Non reflects on her journey. In the drama "Amachan," she passionately portrayed the protagonist and swiftly became a prominent figure of the time. Following that, she changed her name and, true to her feelings of "wanting to do it," delved not only into acting but also into the creation of art pieces and musical activities. In July, turning 30, she aimed to capture songs that confront her own emotions from the past. Witness the path of an individual expressionist, determined to carve her own way with her own hands.

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Broadcast Station: NHK General (Nationwide)

Air Date: December 14, 2023 (Thursday) from 11:50 PM to 12:17 AM (next day)

Missed the Broadcast?
The program will be available for catch-up streaming on NHK Plus for one week after the broadcast ends (accessible nationwide).