Non participated in the unveiling event of the new commercial for "EV Energy Change."


Today, Non appeared at the launch event for the "EV Energy Change Supporters" and the announcement of the new commercial! Following the EV charging Energy Change commercial revealed in November 2022, Non has been selected for the new commercial this season.

The "EV Energy Change Supporters" is a service where registered users can easily provide detailed information, such as installation locations within the Energy Change charging spots, road guidance photos from public roads to the chargers, and comments.

In the new commercial featuring Non, she sings to the melody of the nursery rhyme "London Bridge," highlighting three No.1 achievements: "No.1 in the number of installed EV chargers," "No.1 in the number of app users," and "No.1 in the number of users revising their electricity bills"!

Encouraging the utilization of government subsidies for free installation, the commercial emphasizes "Basic Charging Edition" for apartments and offices and "Destination Charging Edition" for commercial and lodging facilities.

The commercial will be broadcasted on the Energy Change official YouTube channel and is scheduled for airing in taxi commercials starting January 2024!

◼️The No.1 EV Charging Energy Change: Basic Charging Edition

◼️The No.1 EV Charging Energy Change: Destination Charging Edition

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