NON on Stage at「Asahi World Forum 2020」Being Held Online.


地球会議2020(ヨコ大C)Asahi Shimbun sponsors 「Asahi World Forum 」where thoughts will be made about

the earth's environment on an international symposium and SDGs People 1st issue, NON, will be on stage.  This years forum will be held online, so please watch!

■Asahi World Forum
This is an international symposium that puts into practice the media that The Asahi Shimbun Company aims to         achieve.  
This year's main theme is 「Atarashii Mirai no Tame no Itsukakan」(5 Days for the Sake of a New Future) which will   be held for 5 days from October 11th (Sun) to October 15th (Thurs). 
This year, there will be no invites for visitors to enter the symposium and will be an online stream event only.  

The spread of the novel coronavirus has not only impacted our lifestyles, but international relations and the world     economy, as well. When coronavirus is gone, will we be able to return back to our daily lives? If we can't, what should we should we change to make a better world than before? Aiming for the United Nations "Sustainable Development  Goals (SDGs)", everyone will think together.  

■Online Stage Details
・Date: October 11th (Sun) 5:30pm-6:15pm (scheduled)
・Talk:  SDGs Shinai NON?
Honestly, I don't know how Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) work...
NON, who was selected for「SDGs People」which is expanding the base of SDGs, was one of those people. 
But actually, I realized I've been doing SDGs all along, by remaking clothing to "up-cycle" and other related types of   work. 
NON is currently working on the production of an original character in order to "hadoru wo kanjinai SDGS" (not feel   the hurdle of SDGs).  
NON speaks with Director of UNIC, Kaoru Nemoto, and withnews Editor in Chief, Shojiro Okuyama, to discuss the      familiar topic of SDGs.

■Application ・Viewing Fee: Free(Please register before)
-For those who wish to view, please fill out the form before by October 10th. You will receive a notification with a URL in your mailbox. 
-For the latest information please visit the forum website .
-Time, speaker, and session information changes will be posted.