Sosaku Artist, NON, Participates in BEAMS JAPAN New Project with Fukui Prefecture『FUKUI TRAD』



BEAMS JAPAN and Fukui Prefecture start a new project called "FUKUI TRAD".

The project's goal is to focus on updating the familiar 7 traditional crafts that Fukui Prefecture takes pride in: Echizen               Lacquerware, Echizen Washi (traditional Japanese paper), Wakasa Narrow Noh Work, Wakasa Lacquerware, Echizen Knife,        Echizen Ware, and Echizen Chest.

Sosaku artist, NON, will participate in the project.

A comment from NON:
"I'm so happy that I was invited by BEAMS JAPAN to be involved with the traditional 7 crafts of       Fukui Prefecture with my    art. I believe it is very important to "shine" to get in touch with the younger generation.  When looking at the traditional crafts of Fukui Prefecture, you can see the the many beautiful works created by the craftsmen, which makes me nervous and excited as to whether I can make these pieces look good in the pictures that I draw. "

『FUKUI TRAD』  The projects presentation is planned for February 2021. Please look forward to the project!