NON Stars in "Watashi wo Kuitomete" Special Clips and Supporting Cast Revealed! Plus, Official Release Date!


A love story about a lonely 31 year old woman and a younger man who fall into a difficult love pattern that can't one step          closer!!!!! (=high empathy) "Watashi wo Kuitomete" (Hold Me Back), a cliff-hanging romance starring NON has revealed a special       clip and supporting cast!

A cliff-hanging romance about a lonesome 31 year-old woman named Mitsuko with a counselor in her head called "A." She        enjoys her lonely, yet relaxing self-sufficient life, but after falling in love with a younger salaryman, Tada-kun (Kento Hayashi), her state of mind changes. Mitsuko is on the verge of breaking point as she cannot confront this unexpected love bravely like she  would have in her 20s. Anxious and disturbed as she listens to the stable advice in her head from "A", she decides to face the    love that comes her way.
Women around the same age can empathize and agree with the MItsuko's feeling of being satisfied being alone and the           occasionally feeling of deprecation that are often depicted in this film.  Without thinking, you being to cheer on her clumsy      character and can't help but cheer on the birth of this new kind of "lovable lonely heroine"! Please pay attention to the perfect  comical synchronization of the frustrating love pattern with the younger salaryman played by Kento Hayashi, the gentle voice of "A" and Mitsuko! And, the supporting casts' information has been revealed!
The one person who Mitsuko has full trust in despite being alone is her senior, Nozomi, played by Asami Usuda who began by  starring in "Kabocha to Mayonnaise" (2017), "Mitsubachi to Enrai" (2019), and "Gekijoban Kaku OL Nikki" (2020), and other       popular works, and also appeared in a series of works by film director Akiko Oku such as "Bijin ga Kekkon shite mitara?" (2019) and TV Tokyo's "Sutete yo, Adachi-san."  (2020)!

Mitsuko's higher-up at work, Ms. Sawada, is played by great supporting player, Hairi Katagiri has performed in a variety of       genres such as theatre, drama, and film, also appearing in Director Oku's works such as "Katte ni Furueteru" (2017) and          "Sutete yo, Adachi-san."  (2020)!

Mitsuko's colleague played by Takuya Wakabayashi gives off a unique presence with character, Carter. He is an exclusive      model for MEN'S NON-NO and this will be his first role in a film! Also! The release date has been decided!

From December 18th, 2020 (Fri) Nationwide Roadshow!【Film Information】
Director Script : Akiko Oku
Original Work : Risa Wataya "Watashi wo Kuitomete" (Hold Me Back) (Asahi Shimbun Publications Inc.)
Performers: NON, Kento Hayashi
Distributor:Nikkatsu Corporation
Production:RIKI Project
Planning Cooperation:the monkey and snake's ltd.
©2020『Watashi wo Kuitomete』Production Committee

Winter 2020、theatrical release!

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