NON Stars as the Voice of the Mixed Breed Dog Marona in the Japanese Dubbed Version of the Film "Marona's Fantastic Tale" Out Now!



"L'extraordinaire voyage de Marona" is an animation film produced by Romanian female director, Anca Damian and    "Tout en haut du monde" Ron Dyens.
The film won the Grand Prix for feature-length animation at the Tokyo Anime Award Festival (TAAF) 2020.


NON plays the voice of the mixed breed,  heart-shaped nose Marona.

Voiced the role of Suzu in "This Corner (and Other Corners) of the World, and award winner at the 38th Yokohama   Film Festival for "Special Jury Prize", actress and Sosaku artist NON takes on the challenge of playing the role of mix breed dog, Marona.

Among Marona's changing owners is Manole, the acrobat who is voiced by Yuki Ono who began his career with the   character Taiga Kagami in "Kuroko no Basket" and went on to voice many other popular roles, the kind construction worker, Istvan,  who is voiced by Arashi Hirakawa who is a newcomer with his soft, soothing voice, and Yuki Yomichi  who plays the voice of Solange adolecente, who was also selected as the voice of the main character, Okuma, in the anime "Super Cub" and more.

Illustrator, Brecht Evens, who was selected for Louis Vuitton's Travel Book Pari, is the character designer with Gina    Thorstensen and Sarah Mazetti who are catching the attention of the Bologna Children‘s Book Fair are the genius     creators combining the 2D and 3D backgrounds. You can concentrate 100% and enjoy the world's work with this     beautiful and skillful dubbing. This is a must watch.


"Marona no Genso-teki na Monogatari" (L'extraordinaire voyage de Marona) (Marona's Fantastic Tale) 

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2019/Romania, France, Belgium/1:1.85/5,1ch/French/Japanese Dub/92 minutes

Director:Anca Damian
Script:Anghel Damian
Character Design:Brecht Evens
Background Art:Gina Thorstensen and Sarah Mazetti
Music:Pablo Pico
Producers:Anca Damian/Ron Dyens( "Tout en haut du monde" (Long Way North))/Thomas Layes
Sponsor:Embassy of Romania