【An Explanation of How to View】Finally, Today! How to Enjoy "NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE (#NONOUCHIDEMIRULIVE)Vol.3”


Finally, the performance begins today (7/24) at 7:30pm! The rehearsal and live stream check for "NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE vol.3(#NONOUCHIDEMIRULIVE)"  went smoothly.

The live will be held via the electronic ticket platforms, “ZAIKO” & "Streaming+(e+)". The live is battle format and the key is to vote to decide the winner in the comments! 

The comment system varies by device, so please refer to the article below of how to enjoy the live below. Please read.

【How to View via ZAIKO】

■For those who want to leave many comments, PC is recommended!

Since the “ZAIKO” live ticket system cooperates with Twitter, you can enjoy the live smoothly by logging into Twitter in advance with the browser you intend to use. (You can also log into Twitter via the live stream ticket screen).

The live chat window is designed to not overlap with the live streaming screen.

The live is planned to begin at 7:30pm, but a music video will begin playing from 7:20pm, so if you are worried about preparation time, please access in advance.

※For those who purchased tickets via smartphone, you can also view via PC by logging into your ZAIKO account on your PC. 


How to Enjoy the Live Chat(PC Edition)

①At the bottom right of your PC screen, press the "Live Chat" button.

② the "Live Chat Window" will open.

③ To comment, you must be logged in to Twitter.


※The sound from comments on PC is uninterrupted. 

★On July 24th (Fri), a MV will begin playing from 7:30pm. For those who are worried about preparations beforehand, please access the live stream from around 7:20pm.



■For smartphone viewing "commenting during conversation" is recommended!

It is recommended to hold the screen vertically for smartphone viewing! (The performance and comments are easy to see)
Due to the specifications fo the live chat browser, comments will be posted after transitioning to Twitter (browser or app).
Since the browser cannot stream in the background, the sound will stop when entering comments.

Due to this reason, we recommend "to focus on the live!" for those viewing via smartphone. 

Or, after posting a comment, return to the browser, and continue to enjoy the live stream.
If the performance has stopped, if you refresh the browser, the live will resume.

How to Enjoy the Live Chat(Smartphone Edition)

★We recommended viewing the screen vertically! (comments are easily seen this way)

①By tapping the "live chat" bar at the bottom of the screen, the "live chat window" will open.

② To comment, you must be logged in to Twitter.

★【Caution】If you leave the live screen to comment, the sound will be interrupted. 

※If you comment from PC, the sound will be uninterrupted. 

★On July 24th (Fri), a MV will begin playing from 7:30pm. For those who are worried about preparations beforehand, please access the live stream from around 7:20pm.


Streaming+(e+)How to View

■Guest Ticket Participation is Easy and Convenient!

“Streaming+(e+)”  is a live chat system that allows you to login via "Vimeo" and "Facebook".
Login prior from 7:20pm, login from the browser of your choice to smoothly enjoy the live stream. 

In the case of "Guest Chat". you need to enter a name only after the first time. If you exit the browser and return, you must re-enter a name, so please be careful.

※If you purchase via smartphone, you can still view via PC by logging into your e+ account.
※The chat is the same on both smartphone and PC. The screen does not leave, so the sound is not interrupted. 


■You Can Purchase NON OUCHI DE MIRU LIVE Vol.3(#NONOUCHIDEMIRULIVE) Tickets Right Before the Live!チ(Archive Stream Available)


【Live Information】

※The streaming content is the same in both platforms.






・The performance will be streamed through the internet
・After purchasing a ticket, you will receive an email. The email includes information on how to browse through the stream, so please confirm that you have received an email.
・The customer is responsible for internet communication costs related to browsing.
・Due to the large amount of data used for the video stream, please make sure you have a stable internet connection (Wi-Fi, etc).
・We will do our best to provide the best equipment, lines, etc. for your streaming but due to the nature of the live, there is a possibility that an unexpected suspension or disturbance may occur. Thank you for your understanding.
・You can view and browse the live stream via the purchased ZAIKO account.
・If you leave the live streaming midway and come back, you cannot go back and view what you missed until the live stream is finished. The stream will be recorded and available for viewing after the finished live.