NON will Star in the Live Action Film for Risa Wataya's Original Novel "Watashi wo Kuitomete"!


In 2001, after debuting with the 38th Bungei Prize for "Install", winning the Akutagawa Prize, Kenzaburo Oe Prize and many other prizes, Risa Wataya's original novel "Watashi wo Kuitomete" (Hold Me Back) will be made into a live action starring NON.
It will release in winter 2020!WK_mitsuko_teaser_0609_S Summary
Mitsuko Kuroda is a 31-year old woman completely content on being alone (NON).
There is a reason she is able to have fun on her own. She has the counselor "A" communicating with her inside her head.
Whenever she has trouble dealing with others or she's feeling lost, she knows "A" will always give her the right answer.
She thought this lonely, yet peaceful relationship with "A" would last until she felt in love with the young salaryman, Tada-kun (Kento Hayashi).
Although, she has become used to a life of loneliness and unable to produce the courage she might have had towards love in her 20's, she believes that the feelings with Tada-kun are mutual and, although she struggles with herself, tries to take one step closer...

After debuting with the film, "Koi suru madori" (2007), "Tôkyô mujirushi joshi monogatari" (2012), and "Fantastic girls" (2015), and receiving many awards starting with the Audience Award in the Competition Category for the 30th Tokyo International Film Festival for "Tremble All You Want", director, Akiko Oku has been focusing on the way of life and romance for women.

Mitsuko's love interest, Tada-kun, made his debut with the film "Battery" (2007), and winning the 31st Japan Academy Award for Newcomer of the Year., and after many Newcomer Awards he appeared in popular works one after the other, having the ability to attract everyone's attention, actor, Hayashi Kento. For this work, he plays the young salaryman of the company that is partnered with Mitsuko's company, and secretly falls in love with Mitsuko.

NON plays the role of 31-year old Mitsuko Kuroda who lives a life of solitude and has a counselor in her head called "A." A heroin all alone, except for the company of "A", who has gone through life years being satisfied with the single life. That is, until she meets the younger salary man from her company's partner...

【A comment from NON】
Feelings when reading the script…

"It was so fascinating. I have many lines and many are serious scenes as well as ironic humor making me wonder how I shall interpret the character...which had me grinning from ear to ear as I read the script.

What really hit me the most was the theme which is the character, Mitsuko, who cherishes her way of life. This way is set in stone and I feel that it is a quite common way of living. She creates this counselor in her head, "A",  which if you can live happily, is fine I think.  I feel that there are diverse ways to find happiness in life.

It was a lot of fun to play this role where I swayed between someone I could and couldn't touch. The clumsy character, Mitsuko, who thinks too much and gets stuck on her own  is quite endearing. I want everyone to watch this movie, soon."

【Film Information】

Director Script : Akiko Oku
Original Work : Risa Wataya "Watashi wo Kuitomete" (Hold Me Back) (Asahi Shimbun Publications Inc.)
Performers: NON, Kento Hayashi
Distributor:Nikkatsu Corporation
Production:RIKI Project
Planning Cooperation:the monkey and snake's ltd.
©2020『Watashi wo Kuitomete』Production Committee

In theaters winter 2020!

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This winter, A love story about a lonely 31 year old woman and a younger man who fall into a difficult love pattern that can't one step closer!!!!! (=high empathy) "Watashi wo Kuitomete" (Hold Me Back), a cliff-hanging romance 《Boom!》will unveil.

Please look forward to it!