【11/1】"NON" Drama Appearance and Reading on NHK E's "Kowai Ehon" Broadcast Decided



"NON" makes an appearance and reading on NHK E drama "Kowai Ehon" (Scary Picture Book) which broadcasts November 1st (Sun) from 11:00pm-11:30pm.

Popular authors who are active on the frontlines team up with talented painters to bring you picture books with scary stories that hit close to home and send shivers down your spine and mysterious stories that are gaining popularity.

This program brings the picture books to animation. The recitation part is a live-action film set in a ryokan (old-fashioned inn) or a Western-style building that seems to have come out of the picture. Performing an encounter with the picture book, it invites viewers into a world of horror.

Please, spend a night of slight abundant horror as recitation, animation, and drama become one.

●『Iru no Inai no』(Are You There or Not?)
Work:Natsuhiko Kyougoku painting:Naoko Machida
【Appearance・Reading】 NON

●『Oroshite Kudasai』(Please Let Me Down)
Work:Arisu Arisugawa painting:Tomoaki Ichikwa
【Appearance・Reading】 KOM_I(Wednesday Campanella)

 ●『Kagami no Naka』(Inside the Mirror)
Work:Riku Onda painting:Kae Higuchi
【Appearance・Reading】 Shuri


Iru no Inai no』 

"I've come to live in my grandmother's house. It's a very old home...The lanterns are hanging from a needle...It's dark above that...That day, I looked at the darkness above the needles. and then...."


I will be living at my grandmother's house for the time being. When I look up at the high, dim ceiling, I feel someone is there. My grandma says, "If you don't look up, there's nothing to be scared of." But as a young boy, I can't help but look up. And when I did what was there was a?!


<A Comment from NON>

I was so thrilled to be able to collaborate with Natsuhiko Kyougoku's picture book. And, I had fun filming at the beautiful ryokan location, but when I saw the finished production, I was so surprised by how scary it was.

For me, it was my first time doing work with scary stories, so it was very stimulating. Everyone, please look forward to it.




【Scheduled Broadcast】 2020年11月1日(日)午後11時~午後11時半 Eテレ

【Executive Producers 】Yoshio Furuya(NHK)Naoko Kawasaki(NHK Enterprise)Katsumi Ueda(REIZ)

【Director】 Masura Uno (Directions)

【Composition】 Mitsuru Kuramo, Ashita Honda (ninpop)



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