"Watashi wo Kuitomete" Starring NON, Official Trailer and Additional Cast Revealed & Poster Visual Lifted!! Furthermore, Stage Appearance Decided for November 5th Tokyo International Film Festival!


News1:Official trailer & poster visual lifted!

The trailer for the film and poster visual have been lifted for "Watashi wo Kuitomete" (Hold Me Back), a cliff-hanging romance starring NON, a love story about a lonely 31 year old woman and a younger man who fall into a difficult love pattern that can't one step closer!!!!! (=high empathy)!

Misuko (NON), a 31-year-old lonely woman falls in love for the first time in a long time, and throw her emotions away!
It has been decided that the background music will be the masterpiece mixed in 5.1ch, "Kimi wa tennenshoku" (Eichi Otaki)!

This trailer shows a 31-year-old one, Mitsuko (Non), who has a counselor "A" in her brain, and is happy and sad about her love with a younger salesman, Tada-kun (Hayashi). They have a delicate relationship, not going out to eat, but sometimes just making homemade dishes for Tada-kun and sharing them. Mitsuko, who wants to confirm Tada-kun's feelings but cannot take a step like when she was in her twenties, explodes self-deprecation and murmurs to counselor "A"! Furthermore, at the end of the video, Mitsuko, who was disturbed, sheds tears while shedding her emotions. Rena Nōnen embodies a clumsy heroine with a twisted sense of humor that is full of humanity and has fallen in love for the first time in a long time! Please pay attention to Mitsuko who is full of "carelessness" that you can't help but love!


News 2:Additional Cast and Ai Hashimoto Performance Decided!
MItsuko's best friend role! Co-starring for the first time in 7 years!
Ai Hashimoto plays Mitsuko's best friend, Satsuki, who is married in Italy.
As the original setting of the movie, the establishment of pregnant woman was given.


【NON Commenting About Her Co-Star, Ai Hashimoto】
I was terribly shy in front of my co-star. since it had been such a long time performing together. At first, I couldn't even look her in the eyes, I was so embarrassed!  At that time, I was like a a boy who couldn't talk normally to the girl we liked. But, Ai-chan approached me so kindly saying she wanted to read the lines of Mitsuko and Satsuki's dialogue together, which I believe made it so that I was able to communicate.  After all, we are playing the roles of best friends again.  I don't think there's a pair that could top us. It was so much fun!

News 3:11月5日(Thurs)Stage Appearance by NON at Tokyo International Film Festival Decided!
33rd Tokyo International Film Festival "TOKYO Premier 2020" Category invitation decided for the film.
November 5th (Thurs) Theater greetings with NON and Akiko Oku stage appearances!
Tickets available for purchase on the Tokyo International Film Festival Official Website from 4:00pm on October 24th (Sat).

33rd Tokyo International Film Festival Information
■Event Period:October 31st (Sat)-November 9th (Mon), 2020
■Tokyo International Film Festival 2020


■Tokyo International Film Festival Screening Schedule
・November 5th (Thurs) from 7:45pm @EX Theater Roppongi  NON stage appearance decided
・November 7th (Sat) from 7:00pm @TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills tickets will begin sales from October 24th (Sat) from 4:00pm on the film festival official website!
For other details, check out the link below!

【「Watashi wo Kuitomete」Summary】
Mitsuko Kuroda is a 31-year old woman completely content on being alone (NON).
There is a reason she is able to have fun on her own. She has the councelor "A" communicating with her inside her head.
Whenever she has trouble dealing with others or she's feeling lost, she knows "A" will always give her the right answer.
She thought this lonely, yet peaceful relationship with "A" would last until she felt in love with the young salaryman, Tada-kun (Kento Hayashi).
Although, she has become used to a life of loneliness and unable to produce the courage she might have had towards love in her 20's, she believes that the feelings with Tada-kun are mutual and, although she struggles with herself, tries to take one step closer...

【「Watashi wo Kuitomete」Film Information】

Director Script : Akiko Oku
Original Work : Risa Wataya "Watashi wo Kuitomete" (Hold Me Back) (Asahi Shimbun Publications Inc.)

Background Music: Eichi Otaki "Kimi wa tennenshoku" (THE NIAGARA ENTERPRISES.)
Performers: NON, Kento Hayashi
Distributor:Nikkatsu Corporation
Production:RIKI Project
Planning Cooperation:the monkey and snake's ltd.
©2020『Watashi wo Kuitomete』Production Committee

Official HP kuitomete.jp

Official twitter @kuitometemovie

In theaters December 18th, 2020!

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