Announcing a new collaboration between film "Watashi wo Kuitomete" (starring NON) and popular social media anime "Momo Ume!"



The movie "Watashi wo Kuitomete" (Hold Me Back) starring NON will hit theaters nationwide from December 18th (Friday).

The film features Mitsuko, who is 31 years old, single, and has a personal counselor named "A" who lives her brain. Mitsuko enjoys her life alone until she falls in love with Tada, a salesman who is younger than her. Although puzzled by the first love experience she has had in a while, Mitsuko decides to take a step forward.


Announcing a new collaboration project between the film and the laid-back anime "Momo Ume," which has been a huge hit on social media with a wide demographic!

The anime "Momo Ume" features Momo, a 24-year-old new employee, and Ume, a 40-year-old industry veteran. Available in short episodes, the anime shows the two coworkers from different generations transforming things that happen on the job into laughs and giggles. The "laid-back laughs" that the duo brings while handling daily life at the office has attracted much attention: the show has 420,000 YouTube channel subscribers and 384,000 followers on TikTok. Now, "Momo Ume," which is earning one addicted fan after another with its surreal comedy is teaming up with "Watashi wo Kuitomete," which depicts a frustrating love story that you can't help but empathize with, for a surprising collaboration!



One of the highlights of the collaboration is a YouTube with NON appearing as... herself! What's more, the two characters from "Momo Ume" will be appearing in the movie!


The channel released a video featuring NON illustrated in the "Momo Ume style." The video is titled "[Collaboration Video] Please Hold Me Back as I Make You do Office Lady Exercises At Once..."

In the video, Momo teaches NON "office lady gymnastics" that she can use to prepare for her acting roles... The result is a video where the interactions of the trio bring you nonstop smiles. The more you watch, the more you become addicted to the "Momo Ume" world.

It was announced that Momo and Ume will be making a cameo appearance in the film "Watashi wo Kuitomete." Drop by by a nearby movie theater to see how director Ohku inserts the pair into her world.

There's more! There will also be a special collaboration event on the film's official website. For a limited period of 24 hours from 6 p.m. on December 10th (Thursday), a key visual replacing NON with Momo will "hijack" the website. Also, in the special "A's Counseling Room," if you enter a keyword related to "Momo Ume," you will be rewarded with the display of a special Momo visual. Furthermore, as a Christmas-only gift for theatergoers, on December 24th (Thursday) and 25th (Friday), original collaboration stickers will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis at seven theaters nationwide.

This Special Collaboration Project is a must-see for both "Momo Ume" fans and those of you looking forward to the new film! Don't miss your chance!

The national roadshow release for the film "Watashi wo Kuitomete" begins December 18th (Friday)!


Comments from NON:

“I’m much delighted to have the chance to take part in Momo Ume and its unique view of the world. I felt that I mustn’t let myself get in the way of the funniness of Momo Ume! And I got worked up because of that, but the recording was fun and calm. The video of the three of us chattering away turned out to be quite funny, and it made me giggle out loud. Office lady exercises are sooo much fun!”


[Collaboration Video] Please Hold Me Back as I Make You do Office Lady Exercises At Once...

▼ Attendees will receive special "Momo Ume" collaboration stickers * Stickers will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis to the first 15,000 attendees

・Distribution period: December 24th (Thursday) and 25th (Friday)

・Distribution theaters: Sticker distribution is planned for the following seven theaters.

United Cinemas Sapporo, Theatre Shinjuku, Human Trust Cinema Shibuya,

Midland Square Cinema (Nagoya), Theatre Umeda, Cine Libre Kobe,

United Cinemas Canal City 13 (Hakata)

* Limit one sticker per film viewer at applicable theaters.

* Some theaters will have limited numbers of stickers and may run out. Thank you for your understanding.

* The gift stickers are not for sale. Please refrain from reselling them.