The NON×NFT project will be launched on the NFT marketplace Unima!!


On July 6th (Tuesday), 2021, Mobile Factory, Inc. and Bit Factory, Inc. held an event to announce the launch of the NFT production and sale platform Unima (Uniqys Marketplace, hereinafter "Unima"), at which new projects such as NON×NFT were also announced.

What is the NON×NFT project?
As part of a collaboration between NON and Unima, NFT works created by NON will be sold on Unima.
NFT art is a kind of digital data on the blockchain and a form of digital art where only a single copy of each work exists in the world. It can also provide evidence of its owner's identity.
All profits generated from the sale of NON's NFT works will be donated to Iwate Prefecture and the Tohoku region. More information regarding the works that will be put up for sale and the sale period will be announced as soon as it is available.

Features of Unima

All payments are made in Japanese yen

All payments on Unima, such as for the purchase of NFTs or the sale proceeds of artists, will be made in Japanese yen. You can sell or purchase NFTs without opening an account on a cryptocurrency exchange or purchasing cryptocurrency.

One-stop platform for everything from the production to the sale of NFTs

Artists can convert the original data of digital items to NFTs on Unima and sell their NFTs directly.

Compliance-conscious environment design

Unima will be implementing identity verification for both buyers and sellers so that everyone can use Unima with peace of mind. Unima is operated in consultation with regulatory agencies and experts in various fields to ensure the necessary compliance.

About the NFT market Unima

Unima is a one-stop NFT production and sale platform that allows users to convert digital data such as videos and art into NFTs and sell them. It is committed to a compliance-conscious environment design so that users can use it with greater peace of mind.

Overview of content

Name of service: Unima (Uniqys Marketplace)

Supported browsers: Google Chrome / Safari

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