The new BESV commercial for which NON served as ambassador has been released. She shows off her sleek cycling style with a commercial-only song!


The new commercial for the next-generation premium e-Bike "BESV" is now on the air.
In this, she rides a BESV in the limited edition White x Stripe Pink colors, singing the original commercial song, and enjoying a brisk ride.
We introduce the light and refreshing appeal of e-Bikes to help us move into an age of transition and find our individual new lifestyles.
The commercial is also scheduled to be aired on TV in Taiwan.

Don't miss it.


Comment from NON
"This commercial shows me cycling along a river. The weather on the day of filming was wonderful, and I was happy to get the chance to ride the BESV in such great weather. I want everyone to feel the wind from their BESV on a day with clear skies."


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