The trailer and poster of the movie "Sakananoko" starring Non overflow with "love"! In addition, the theme song will be "Yume no hanashi", a new song written by CHAI!


The trailer for the movie "Sakananoko" starring Non has been released!


The trailer for "Sakananoko" has been released.
The trailer depicts the main character, Meebo, who is warmly watched over by his mother, played by Haruka Igawa, and his childhood friend Hiyo, played by Yuya Yagira, his classmate Momoko, played by Kaho, and local delinquents, played by Yuto Isomura and Amane Okayama, while catchy pop music by the Pascalz plays in the background. The film depicts how the main character, Meibo, leads his life as if he were a fish.

The elementary school student Mee-boo shows his "love of fish" by drawing pictures of fish in class, catching a large octopus with his bare hands when he goes swimming, and eating fish dishes for dinner. He is a little different from the other children around him. He has a big dream of becoming a fish doctor someday, and tries working at an aquarium and a sushi restaurant, but things don't go well. Why can't I just love fish? His mother Michiko encourages him, saying, "He likes fish, he draws pictures of fish, and that's all that matters.

With the warmth of his mother and friends, who affirm that "it will be all right just the way it is," Mee-boo continues to pursue his love. This is an extraordinarily kind and extraordinarily positive trailer for all of us who know how difficult it is to stay in love with what you love, and at the same time know the preciousness and brilliance of becoming absorbed in something even when you are lost and on your feet!

And the poster visual shows the message "I'll always love you. That's all it takes to make your life a miracle." The poster visual shows Mee-bo's head decorated with cute, crafty-looking fish, and his lab coat and tie are all decorated with fish!
The poster is so dreamy and adorable that it makes you feel as if you are playing with your favorite fish in the sea!



In addition, the theme song for this film is "Yume no hanashi" written for this film by CHAI, a "neo cute" four-piece band!
The song is humorous, full of love and affection for Mee-Boo's life, and is pop, sparkling, and gentle!Based on the autobiography of Sakana-kun, which describes how he became Sakana-kun, the movie "Sakananoko" is a story about Mee-bo, a boy who loves fish, and the warm-hearted people around him who watch over him, and will make you laugh, cry, and smile!

[What is "normal"?]
A child who has always followed his favorite fish has become a "Sakana-kun".
"Mee-bo", an elementary school student who loves fish, is always thinking about fish, whether he sleeps or wakes up. He stares at fish every day, draws fish every day, and eats fish every day. In contrast to his father, who worried that he was a little different from other children, his mother warmly watched over him, and rather than worrying about him, she kept pushing him along. As a high school student, Mee-boo is still obsessed with fish, and somehow he gets along well with the delinquents in town, and before he knows it, he is in the center of the action, as if he were the hero of something. Eventually, Mee-bo begins to live on his own, and amidst unexpected encounters and reunions, he is loved by many people, and dives straight into the only path that only Mee-bo can take...

[Film Information]
Movie: "Sakana no Ko"
Cast: Non, Yuya Yagira, Kaho Isomura, Yuto Isomura, Amane Okayama, Hiroki Miyake, Haruka Igawa
Based on the story by Sakana-kun "Sakana-kun no Ichigo-ichi-e - A life of daily obsession! 〜" (Kodansha Publishing Co., Ltd.)
Director/Screenplay: Shuichi Okita
Screenplay: Shiro Maeda
Music: Pascals
Production: "Sakananoko" Production Committee
Production/Distribution: Tokyo Theatres
(c) 2022 "Sakananoko" Production Committee
Roadshow from September 1 (Thu.) at TOHO Cinemas Hibiya and other theaters nationwide.
Official site

Official twiter @sakananoko_jp


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Mr. Sakana-kun, the author of the original story, will appear in the movie "Sakananoko" starring NON! In addition, Mr. Taku Suzuki, Mr. Sakanakun's best friend, will also appear in the movie!

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the film adaptation starring Non!
Sakana-kun's autobiography "Sakana-kun's One Fish at a Time! 〜will be made into a movie, "Sakananoko," to be released on the road in the summer of 2022!