Non delivers the message of "The Mainichi Newspapers 150th Anniversary". New commercial "Non to Mainichi Shimbun Theater Stage"



A new commercial starring Non has been released for "The Mainichi Newspapers 150th Anniversary".

Non acts as a messenger and strongly expresses Mainichi Newspapers' 150-year unchanged stance of picking up the realities of people and society that are often overlooked and tenaciously reporting on the essence of those realities.

The commercial will be synchronized with the language of the newspaper and Non's words on stage. On the stage of the theater, Non delivers a powerful message to society.

Please come and see it.

【special website "Non to Mainichi Shinbun"】

In conjunction with the airing of the new commercial, a special website, "Non and Mainichi Shinbun" will be launched, featuring a video interview with the three reporters of Mainichi Shinbun and a making-of video of the commercial.

In the dialogue video, the reporter in charge of the "Nihon de Ikiru" campaign project, which focuses on the issue of children with foreign nationality not attending school, a reporter from a news team that has been discovering and reporting on the reality of young carers, and a blind reporter from the Braille Mainichi editorial department, which acts as a bridge between the visually impaired and society, share their thoughts on their respective coverage topics. The blind reporter from the editorial department of "Braille Everyday", which serves as a bridge between the visually impaired and society, will discuss their thoughts on their respective topics.

■Click here for the special website.