On July 13 (Thursday), Non's 30th birthday, "Lula BOOKS" will release an art book titled "Non," which will serve as a bridge to a new stage of her career!


Ltd., publisher of Lula Japan, will release an art book "Non" from its publishing project "Lula BOOKS" on Thursday, July 13.

Artist Non has been captivating people of all ages, not only as an actor, but also as a performer in a wide range of fields, from film to music to art.

This book, which will be published on her 30th birthday this year, is an art book that connects "now" and "future" and weaves her thoughts to a new stage.

The book includes a visual story by three photographers, a ribbon artwork newly created by Nonn herself, a collection of self-portraits describing her current thoughts, exclusive artwork by three overseas artists, and a dialogue project with internationally active guests.

The book is a memorial of NON's unfathomable power of expression unleashed by the combination of her various creativities.

The book will be available at NON GOODS SHOP, Lula Japan Webstore, and other bookstores and online bookstores.


【Listing Details】

Right here, right now.

The volume opens with a fashion story set in an urban city where "now" comes alive.

Photographer Shun Omiyama, who specializes in graphical expression, has created a world where reality and fantasy resonate. The footsteps of this streetwise dancer point to where she is now, having made steady progress to date, as she continues on to the next step.


Shades of Mine
The second set includes fashion portraits that capture a precious moment as she shifts from her 20s to her 30s.
Photographer Masaya Tanaka has brought out the beauty that exudes from within Nonn, dressed in a variety of outfits, with an exquisite sense of balance.
The photographs show a new side of Non that she has never shown before because she is in the "in-between" stage of her life, and give her a sensual, elegant, and mature expression.


An eternal rhapsody heard on the breeze

Photographer Taro Mizutani's visual story concludes with an emotional work that expresses passion for the "future" in silence.

A beach surrounded by small hills, rippling water, lush vegetation, and a golden sky. Embraced by Mother Nature's majestic beauty, the powerful gaze that she throws back in response foreshadows her future, full of light.


Artworks of Ribbon

NON has been continuously creating "ribbon art," an art project using many ribbons, since 2020. For this book, she has created a new ribbon artwork in which she herself is a part of the artwork.

Using ribbons, the symbol of something cute, she expresses them as something eerie and dark. The work that combines such duality of ribbon and Non's vital essence shows a great swell of her entering a new phase as an artist.



A collection of self-written writings by NON, describing what she feels at the moment.

Words written in a haphazard manner when she wakes up in the morning or when she cannot sleep at night. The private musings of Non, written as if sighing, without effort or stretching out. What has changed and what has remained the same, what is important, what is true to oneself, happiness, and memories.

The prose of Non's expression of herself without putting up her elbows at the end of her twenties.


Little Portrait in Collage

A special artwork was created through a cross-border collaboration with three artists.

The three artists are Ben Lewis Giles, a British artist who creates collages from found photographs of flowers and butterflies; Lorena Olmedo, a Spanish artist who applies colored thread stitching to photographs; and Juan Francisco Bertoni, an Argentine artist who combines photographs with energetic paintings. Juan Francisco Bertoni, who combines photographs with energetic painting.


Time with Special

Two conversations with people whom NON would like to meet now that she is on the threshold of her thirties.

Guests are Yoshitomo Nara, one of Japan's leading contemporary artists, and CHAI, the "NEO-New Excite Onna Band," which has been attracting attention overseas as well. The two artists discuss their honest feelings about art and music, sensitivity and values, overseas activities, experiences and changes, and each other, bringing her current inner life into relief.



Lula BOOKS Non

RELEASE DATE:2023年7月13日(木)


SPECIFICATION : Hardcover / H246mm x W191mm / 144 pages ISBN: 978-4-910889-06-1

PUBLISHER : Lula Japan Co.


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