YOHJI YAMAMOTO Ground Y 2020 Spring/Summer Collection.


20SS_GroundY 20SSメイン_カード_ol入稿02 YOHJI YAMAMOTO Ground Y 2020 Spring/Summer This season's collection theme is “Aerial-Aerial-”.
Non is featured in the campaign as a model along with actor Mario Kurobane.


“Ground Y” is a brand that proposes new possibilities for fashion in a “genderless” and “ageless” style, incorporating multi-faceted elements that synchronize with the concept through Yohji Yamamoto's filters.
The season theme of the 2020 Spring / Summer Collection is “Aerial”
The feeling of air between the body and the clothes, the movement of the fabric, the light texture of the material including colors such as white, fashion pink, and light blue.
Through a filter, the collection that seems to be Ground Y is expressed in a unisex view.
Clothes feature balloon trousers and tailored ponchos with slits using light linen cloth.
The classic gabardine material also drops the gimmicks of gathers and slits into shirts and pants that have an ample sense of volume, and it is designed so that the silhouette will dance every time it moves.
Focusing on the movement of the fabric and the movement of the body, we are proposing a new element as a modified tracksuit using jersey material that is also a sporty element.
A collection that expresses aerial elements expressed through clothes such as movement, flow, and softness in Ground Y's manufacturing.

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