Film, "Watashi wo Kuitomete" 【Pre-Release! Someone Hold Me Back! Consultation Screening 】Event Decided!


Prior to the nationwide release on December 18th (Fri), there will be a one day limited screening
【Pre-Release! Someone Hold Me Back! Consultation Screening】at Human Trust Cinema Shibuya on November 24th (Tues)!
Leading actress, NON also plans to make an appearance!
For details on purchasing tickets, etc., please follow the information below.  【Pre-Release! Someone Hold Me Back! Consultation Screening】
・Date:November 24th(Tues)
・Time:6:30pm(Stage greetings before screening)
・Location:Human Trust Cinema Shibuya
・Stage Appearance(Scheduled):Director Akiko Oku, NON
※Movie Ticket advance tickets, various invitation tickets, shareholder invitation tickets, free tickets cannot be used【Ticket sales】
Theatre HP ticket reservations will be sold at the theatre window. ※all seats reserved ・Theatre HP ticket sales:November 13th (Fri) 7:00pm- 20 minutes before the screening time.
Theatre HP ticket reservations here(will appear during the ticket sales dates)
※There are precautions, so please check on the films official site NEWS and movie theatre official site.
・Theatre window sales:November 14th (Sat) will begin window sales when the theatre is OPEN.
※The sales start time may change depending on the congestion situation.
※The window is open from the opening time of the theatre to the start time of the final screening. For other details such as congestion, please contact the theater.
Human Trust Cinema Shibuya 03-5468-5551
※An automated message system will play after business hours and during times of congestion.

Please check the precautions on the Official Film Site「Recent News」
■Recruitment of Worries!
During the stage greeting, NON and Director Akiko Oku will be consulting everyone's worries.
Currently, we are looking for worries.
Use the hashtag「#誰か私をくいとめて」(someone hold me back), and tweet about your worries!

Your troubles might be solved on that day!

【「Watashi wo Kuitomete」Summary】
Mitsuko Kuroda is a 31-year old woman completely content on being alone (NON).
There is a reason she is able to have fun on her own. She has the councelor "A" communicating with her inside her head.
Whenever she has trouble dealing with others or she's feeling lost, she knows "A" will always give her the right answer.
She thought this lonely, yet peaceful relationship with "A" would last until she felt in love with the young salaryman, Tada-kun (Kento Hayashi).
Although, she has become used to a life of loneliness and unable to produce the courage she might have had towards love in her 20's, she believes that the feelings with Tada-kun are mutual and, although she struggles with herself, tries to take one step closer...

【「Watashi wo Kuitomete」Film Information】

Director Script : Akiko Oku
Original Work : Risa Wataya "Watashi wo Kuitomete" (Hold Me Back) (Asahi Shimbun Publications Inc.)
Performers: NON, Kento Hayashi
Distributor:Nikkatsu Corporation
Production:RIKI Project
Planning Cooperation:the monkey and snake's ltd.
©2020『Watashi wo Kuitomete』Production Committee

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Official twitter @kuitometemovie


Film, "Watashi wo Kuitomete" nationwide roadshow from December 18th (Fri)!
Please look forward to it! Here are links of information from past articles!
Until the release, look forward to the various information!

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